Temperature sensor DS18B20 deleted it self!

So the other day I got the DS18B20 sensor in the mail. I soldered the sensor to the Raspberry pi running Librenms. After some googling around I found a way to add it to Librenms!
And low and behold I got the little bugger to graphing some nice graphs!

But today I woke up the graph not showing anymore, and I thought that was strange. I don’t think anything has changed on the Pi since I got it working.

So this is the log of recent events on the Pi according to Librenms

I added the sensor using this command in the /opt/librenms folder and did a new discovery on the pi as well.

/scripts/github-apply 9740up

As one can see, the sensor got deleted in the middle of the night, while I was asleep.

What happened here?
Why did it show a few million degrees when I re-added the sensor?
Is this the correct way of adding this sensor?

I can “manually” chech the sensor running this:

python tempsensor.py 
01/02/[email protected]:38:11 - 1.0 C
01/02/[email protected]:38:14 - 1.0 C
01/02/[email protected]:38:17 - 1.1 C

Any help?

And secondly, is there a way of removing this data?

Got it fixed byt following this guide