The map config directory is not writable by the web server user. You will not be able to edit any files until this is corrected

Hi guys,

I’ve been running the VM librenms for a while now and I noticed that Weathermap plugin is already installed and enabled.
However; I’m getting a warning that i can’t edit the map config.
I’ve read the instructions (point 2) but I don’t know where to run it. at the main ssh terminal or at opt/librenms. And what’s the web server group ?

2. Make the configs directory writeable by your web server, either chown apache:apache configs/ or chmod 777 configs.
  I'd highly advise you choose the first option, replace apache:apache with your web servers user and group.

Command has to be run from /opt/librenms.

For the webserver group, have a look at your Webserver config.
Should be defined in there.

I´ve figured it out by myself. For whom are also stuck at that point, issue these commands in the terminal:

cd /opt/librenms/html/plugins/Weathermap
sudo chown www-data:www-data /configs

Notice the capital letter W !!