The poller issue CentOS 8

Hi all,

I think I got the performance issue on the poller and rrdtool on CentOS 8.
I tried to follow this [guide](( to install LibreNMS on CentOS 8, then I use to discover all of network devices in my environments.

I notice the information was not display on the page completely, and I also execute “./validate.php”
to check is there have any error message.

I also check mail to see the log for cron job, but I can not install this “python-mysqldb” module on CentOS 8.

Does anyone faced same issues before?

I have same centos 8 installation, from the same guide and the same issue with poller wrapper.
You can use python3 librenms dispatcher service:
or try to install python2 mysqldb module.
For example:

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Yes, I have same problem. I have reinstalled this with CentOS 7. With CentOS 7, it is working fine.

It seems working after I use dispatcher service! Most of graph can be created!
But there still have some graph have some issue, maybe I need to rejoin these devices…

I suggest you use the official install docs.

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