Threshold bandwidth alerts

Hi All i started using librenms recently. is there a option to set alerts for bandwidth

say if Port 1 has more than 100 Mbps bandwidth then alert has to be triggered. is there a way to do this


Rosiak is right, forgot about macros :slight_smile:

This is possible atm.

Check the default example from our docs, keep in mind this is intended for all ports:

%macros.port_usage_perc >= "80" && %macros.port_up = "1" && %macros.port = "1"

Let us know if what you need is a specific rules for a certain criteria, then we will get back with an example.

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Thanks for the reply. But the example you gave will calculate on percentage. i was thinking of a way to calculate in bits

say if port 1 >= 150Mbps

If you look at the macro in the docs ( you will see what’s used to calculate the %, just don’t / ifspeed and * 100.

OK this is something I’m trying to understand, if ports.ifSpeed return the value in bps
them ports.ifHighSpeed will return it in Mbps right ? so I can create a Rule kinda like this:

%macros.past_5m = &&
%devices.sysName = “theCore” &&
%ports.ifName = “etherXFile” &&
%ports.ifHighSpeed > “150” &&

Will trigger an alert for him kinda like you are running 150Mbps on port etherXFile for the last 5min?


ifHighSpeed is the port speed so if that’s what you want to alert on then yes that’s correct - although %macros.past_5m can’t be used here.

Instead of doing macros past 5 min which won’t work as laf said. In the alert settings change the delay

yep, That’s what I did.
thank you

To clarify That alert will return the speed that port is running at that time., right?
Now, this is another scenario and question, let say you have an Office that is connected to the Internet via an ISP that is not you and they have a quote of 200M from that ISP, the office is monitored via VPN and you want an Alert that advice you, that office is running out of 200M.

Yes, and delay will cause it not send the alert out the tranport for how ever long you delay it.

That I would think, you need to setup billing look in docs.

Yes, you are right I just forgot Billing.
I will play with that!

Trying to achieve the same.

I want to alert if the traffic now or past 10 min higher then setup threshold.

When just delay user, it will alerts if traffic ever was higher, no? Because I setup like this and still got alerts:

%devices.sysName = “theCore” &&
%ports.ifName = “etherXFile” &&
%ports.ifHighSpeed > “400” &&
delay 10min

please advise.

That won’t alert on high traffic. You’d need to use rules we have for bandwidth usage and just add the delay. The alert will only fire then if the high traffic is sustained for the entire delay period

Yeah, figured that.
The problem I want that to work only for specific ports on specific device.
will try the prebuild template and update.

Hi laf,

I’m trying to do exacly what you say, be alerted only if traffic is sustained over the threshold for a period of time, i dont find the way to do it!! :frowning: Can you please help me?