TrippLite UPS TLNET Card support

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Hi guys,

I have a lot of TrippLite’s SNMPWEBCARD in my infrastructure and I monitor them well, but today I have received the recent TLNET card with SNMP for the same TrippLite, and LibreNMS doesnt recognize it at all. I see as generic devices and no sensors at all.

At the same time, snmpwalk gives me 390 lines of data. Probably something wrong with discovery?

How can I solve this situation? Can you help me?

Or just return these card back?


I’ve done some research in web, regular SNMPWEBCART has first Object ID. Otherwise, TLNET card has the second:
Object ID - .
Object ID - .

Here is snmpwalk for TLNET card:

I think it’s only unknown OID. Yes? No?

Here are mibs for these TLNET cards:

tripplite.mib -
RFC1628.mib -

You probably only have to instruct LibreNMS to recognise both of thos SysObjectIDs. So far the match is done on sysDescr, with POWERALERT in it.

Look at the file “includes/definitions/poweralert.yaml” and change it as this :

os: poweralert
text: 'Tripp Lite PowerAlert'
type: power
    - { graph: device_current, text: Current }
icon: tripplite
rfc1628_compat: true
    - sysDescr_regex:
        - '/POWERALERT/i'
    - sysObjectID:
        - .

(so you add the last 2 lines, with exact same spaces as in this post.)

If it works as expected, we’ll show you how to contribute to LibreNMS so this gets added to the code.

Thanks PipoCanaja. I will try and let you know!

Changes change nothing. I have copied your code and pasted exactly the same formatting (spaces, etc).

Here is output:

you have to remove the os cache.
in librenms directory :rm cache/os_defs.cache

Yessss, it works. Sensors appears.

All right. You can now validate that the sensors are correct (typical issues with UPS devices, the scale (divisor/multipliers) on the OIDs can change from vendors to vendors). When everything is validated, you’ll be ready to submit a PR so we can merge this change in LibreNMS (and you’ll continue to receive updates).

After 24hours of monitoring seems like everything good.

You can have a look at this PR which is already touching at TrippLite UPS support.

That may already cover your case, or not.

  • If yes, you can contribute to it by adding test data of your device.
  • If not, you can check why, and fix it.