Ubiquiti AirFiber Frequencies reported as THz

Not a big deal, more of a cosmetic thing for us. Frquency is obviously not being reported correctly on these devices. Software is Ubiquiti AirFiber v4.0.3 I am on LIbreNMS
1.47 - Sun Dec 30 2018 08:29:16 GMT-0600

Mine are displayed correctly, but I’m running daily instead of monthly release.

He doesn’t have graphs, maybe it was just discovery getting it wrong and the poller corrects it.

I am also seeing THz instead of MHz in LibreNMS. Its Ubiquiti AirFiber v4.0.3 version.

SNMP[’/usr/bin/snmpget’ ‘-v1’ ‘-c’ 'COMMUNITY ‘-OUQnt’ ‘-M’ ‘/opt/librenms/mibs:/opt/librenms/mibs/ubnt’ ‘udp:HOSTNAME:161’ ‘.’]

.. = 24200000

Discovered LibreNMS\Device\WirelessSensor Array
[sensor_class] => frequency
[device_id] => 286
[sensor_oids] => Array
[0] => .

[sensor_index] => 1
[sensor_type] => airos-af-tx
[sensor_descr] => Tx Frequency
[sensor_divisor] => 1
[sensor_multiplier] => 1
[sensor_aggregator] => sum
[sensor_limit] => 
[sensor_limit_warn] => 
[sensor_limit_low] => 
[sensor_limit_low_warn] => 
[sensor_current] => 
[entPhysicalIndex] => 
[entPhysicalIndex_measured] => 
[access_point_id] => 

there is no divisor or multiplier and I believe that old is reported in hz so it will be

1MHz = 1000000Hz

it is 24,2 THz because wireless frequency sensor is in MHz so we need to add divisor 1000 000, then it will be showed correct in graphs.

I just checked and this is corrected in 4.1.0 firmware.

I’ve have all but 1 with 4.0.3, and just checked the one that doesnt. My fault.

Confirming in 4.0.3 is reported as THz.