Un-group alerts from service host

I normally do not post in forums, and i have searched (and maybe i am using the wrong syntax), so i apologize in advance if i am neglecting to include any relevent information. For hours i have searched for an answer of i am trying to do, and cannot find a solution, so i feel compelled to make a post here for some guidance.

long story short: i’ve been using nagios for years from a central point of monitoring for WAN interfaces. for inside, i have been using rather basic librenms installs on each site (which cannot communicate for security purposes). each site has a unique email from address, it gets shoved into the relevant ticket board using said from address. its been generally working rather well, but i am trying make this a bit easier.

i now have a distributed poller setup in lab… from the master, i put nagios-plugins on said server and enabled that integration. from the master server, i set up a service check for a few services using the master. i beat my head off the table for quite some time while trying to figure out how to customize the email from, as a means to utilize subject line parsing to send the alerts to the necessary ticket boards. this also, works well.

my current issue: if two service checks (nagios parameters such as (–sni --ssl -u {/path/to} --blahblahblah) from nagios occur:

  1. librenms email alerts group them together, so subject line parsing will not work.
  2. there is no recovery email for 1 of multiple alerts that may come back online.

is there any way to force librenms to not force the email alerts to group together? or am i using an impact gun, when all i really need are pliers?

Hi, @mac-admin

For a single alert rule, all alerts on a same device are grouped, and this cannot be directly avoided (This is to do the deduplication).
A workaround : If possible, you can split into multiple alert rules instead of a single one. You can match, for instance, on the nagios plugin name, so plugin “X” and plugin “Y” won’t be grouped anymore.

You can open a feature request on this issue to track the interest in giving the choice to remove deduplication on a device / set of device etc. As far as I know, this is not an easy implementation, as this goes deep in the code and DB structure of the alerting scheme of LibreNMS.