Update mibs for new device model

I’m new to this forum and i’m trying my new bluecoat proxy models to be recognized by libreNMS.
I saw in mibs directory that the mibs for bluecoat aren’t uptodate.
Can i replace the old bluecoat mibs in librenms mibs directory by the new ones to see my device (ASG 500) recognized automatically ?
I apologies for my english but i’m french.

MIBs by themselves don’t add support see here -> https://docs.librenms.org/#Developing/Support-New-OS/

Yes i know that but this is not a new OS. This is a new hardware model that doesn’t exist in the librenms bluecoat mib files.

Same still applies that doc has the how-to on adding support for those features. If you cant add support yourself then you can open issue in git hub and provide all the info in the template.

Link to git hub issue


thanks for the information.