Updates to the installation guide

Hi I am new to this board, but I noticed some mistakes in the official installation guide. I don’t know if this is the correct board to post on or not so forgive me if it is not.

First, right off the bat on the CentOS installation guide (nginx or apache), the yum installation of php won’t work if your CentOS installation is new, or if you yum update before installation. php72w packages are not in the normal repo, so additional steps would be:

yum install yum-utils
yum-config-manager --enable remi-php72
yum install php php-cli php-common php-curl php-gd php-mbstring php-mysqlnd php-process php-snmp php-xml php-zip

Under CentOS (for nginx) remove the line:
chgrp apache /var/lib/php/session/

And at the top of the nginx guide, a warning that SSO is only supported for Apache would have saved me a bit of time.

Hope this is the correct place to post this!

You can edit the docs by clicking on the pencil in the docs page.