Updating will remove my customisations, what is the procedure?


When I run ./daily it says I can’t update:

error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:

If I then run ./scripts/github-remove -d and the daily.sh I get

Removing html/images/os/gds.svg
Removing includes/definitions/discovery/gds.yaml
Removing includes/definitions/gds.yaml
Removing includes/discovery/sensors/count/gds.inc.php
Removing includes/discovery/sensors/pre-cache/gds.yaml
Removing includes/polling/sensors/count/gds.inc.php
Removing mibs/GDS-DIAG-MIB/

What is the procedure here? Can I create a new directory in opt/librenms call TEMP and copy them to there then run the update and move these back?


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