Uppercase as well as lowercase in hostnames

Hello good people of LibreNMS,
This is my first post here, so to start it I would like thank you guys for this great piece of software which to me surpassed all the others i have tested, it is brilliant.
To my question…
We have a number of wireless point to point links from one tower to another, these towers are named A, B, C and so on, and the links are named as such:
linkA-B is the AP in tower A facing tower B.
linkB-A is the AP in tower B facing tower A.
When adding the devices I do write them in both capital and small letters but they are only added and displayed in small.
Is there a way to display hostnames in both capital and small?
Thank You

Nope. It’s done to ensure we can compare hostnames easily

OK, I’ll just rename them in the DNS then.
Thank You

I edited a device name today and now it displays in capital letters as well as small.
So to test it I added a new device and wrote the device name in capital and small letters and it was added with only small, but then I edited it and now it displays both, which is great and exactly what I wanted.
In the original post I meant device name and not the hostname, sorry.