V1.40 May 2018 Info

This month sees one of the biggest changes so far and that’s the amazing base work put in by @murrant to switch our code base over to Laravel - https://community.librenms.org/t/new-requirements-for-1-40/ This has a huge benefit for us going forward, mostly a clean and structured code base and better testing ability for the Web interface. A lot of users have felt some pain in upgrading which we’re sorry about, however it’s not possible for us to fix those things automatically and it didn’t (or shouldn’t) have impacted data being stored only access to the Web interface.

As a side from that, we’ve finally automated our change log generator which has meant that we can directly credit the work people have done within the change log. It also cuts down how long it takes to perform a release. The change log is still broken down in to sections, however you will now see the same pull request information in multiple sections if it is relevant.

One thing that would be good to know if people can share is where do you have LibreNMS deployed. We’ve heard of some big Tech companies in the states using it along with Wikipedia but we’d love to hear of where it’s being used.

You can see our change log here.

Some notable changes / updates:

  • Only 10+ device improvements this month - we have a lot of new requests currently piled up.
  • Additional health metrics available via the API.
  • Oxidized custom mapping is now possible + we now auto map some OS’ which are named differently between the two projects.
  • Virtual machine overview page now available.

Some stats from our main GitHub repo:

As always, happy monitoring and thanks for using LibreNMS.


Should we write info about our deployments in this post?

Maybe it would be better to create a new pinned topic at some other category for that. :slight_smile:

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