View dashboard without having a username or password

Hey is there a way to configure librenms to show the dashboard without having people all have accounts or know the account name and password for librenms.

I saw the idea of using something like

But that seems nonideal and when i created the guest user account and password it didn’t work :frowning:

Any suggestions?

I played about with your idea, this seems to work. There’s probably a better way though.

How’d you get the demo going?

That works out of the box.

However, use the API to get the data you want on your own dashboard.

I’m using the integration of librenms+influxdb+grafana for our videowall

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I am as well, it’s awesome!!

I get an “Invalid Credentials” error. How do I check to see if this feature is enabled?

Nothing to enable… the error says it all

My bad, sometimes I take advice given here literally :wink:

So you have to create a user and define it as a demo profile. I did notice though that that profile is able to make changes to settings though, like alert rules for instance. Is there a way to only allow them access to view?

No, don’t make a demo user… That is only for the demo site.
Just make a normal user or a global read only user.

creating a local demo user is not possible when user ldap authentication.
Any idea where I can implement in the code an option to have a librenms_guest account with global read ?

my other idea was to implement an alternative auth mechanism.

$config[‘auth_mechanism’] = ‘ldap’; # default, other options: ldap, http-auth
$config[‘auth_mechanism_altern’] = “mysql”;

“fallback” would be a better term and honestly it is going to be MySQL 99% of the time that people want.

+1 for an auth fallback. Would love to have AD auth and mysql fallback for accounts that dont exists in our AD

Was too hard to develop. I have developped this feature instead

My needs was to have generic account to access librenms. I put guest user to OU “generic users” different from the OU of other users