Weathermap - display CPU/MEM %

Anyone have a working config for displaying CPU/MEM % on Weathermap with LibreNMS? My CPU/MEMs are being graphed and my interface target links on Weathermap work.

I’ve tried different variations of this below.

NODE test
LABEL {node:this:inpercent:%0.1f}% CPU
TARGET ./test/processor-cpm-1.rrd:usage:AVERAGE
POSITION main_test -100 0

NODE test
LABEL {node:this:inpercent:%0.1f}% CPU
TARGET gauge: /test/processor-cpm-1.rrd:usage:AVERAGE
POSITION main_test -100 0

Interesting you want graphs of CPU/Mem on your Network WeatherMaps???

Yeah, I had it working before on Cacti. It’s not a huge deal if it doesn’t work, but it seems like it should.

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This is a weathermap question really, you need to work out how that data makes it into the map then you can ask how we can export that data for you.

Actually, I misread that. Not graphs, just the “now” percentage of what the CPU or MEM is.


I can get the graph to show on mouse over, but I can’t get the average stat to display on the weathermap

LABEL {node:this:inpercent:%k}% {node:this:bandwidth_out:%.1f}degC
TARGET gauge:./ gauge:./
POSITION 830 551

Ever got it working?
Trying to do something similar.

Any news about this topic? @VLokkY @alandeboer did you manage to do it? Thank you so much