Weathermap & rrdcached not talking

I can see it being passed --daemon:

php ./weathermap.php --config configs//CheyenneCircuits.conf --base-href /plugins/Weathermap/ --chdir /opt/librenms/rrd --daemon

Yet, still it complains that many rrd" had no valid data, according to WeatherMapDataSource_rrd" which they don’t, because my timeout is 1800. Is not some manner of communication with rrdcached supposed to prevent this?

Thank you for your time.

I should have looked at bugs first. I guess I’ll look at the code, but I ain’t none php’ good.

Opened a case here:

A quick socket call to FLUSHALL can make weathermap work a couple minutes after. Can cron that, but not exactly a good work around. :frowning: