What are your favourite plugins?

Hi all,

I’ve installed LibreNMS for the first time yesterday as I’ve heard so many good things about it. I’ve only added our Cisco ASA firewall via snmp, but looks impressive on what data it’s reporting. I aim to add servers, VMware hosts, switches, not sure if it does cloud stuff.

Anyway I see it installs some plugins, but there are 3rd party ones too (lots) and I wondered what are your favourite and why? as I will explore these too.


There is a list of 3rd Party Integration here https://docs.librenms.org/

Some of my favs:
Oxidized - for configuration backup & diffs https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Oxidized/
Weathermap - for network visualization https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Weathermap/
Weathermap Histogram - to create an animated network flows
Graylog - Centralized logging https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Graylog/

At some point i need to check out;
eNMS - network automation using librenms inventory eNMS has Integration with LIBRENMS!
@PipoCanaja interface admin plugin https://github.com/PipoCanaja/InterfaceAdminPlugin

You have lots of alert transport integrations too by default https://docs.librenms.org/Alerting/Transports/
and nagios plugins https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Services/

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