What is stealing my bandwith?

So this is my home network as of now. The firewall claims something was consuming between 60-100Mb/s around 20:30 and 22:00 last night. Nothing else connectet to librenms shows this. The first switch behind the firewall is the 24P switch that should have picked up the traffic as well, but it only peaks at around 10-15Mb/s. And all of my network is going through the 24P switch before it’s hitting the firewall. So is there something wrong with my librenms setup?

The graph you are looking at is a sum of the traffic of all interfaces. So this is sometimes difficult to really see what’s going on.
Have a look at your trafic “per interface” so you’ll see from where to where traffic is flowing. If you see traffic from one loopback to another, it might be internal traffic of the firewall. And if you have multiple VLANs, of course, the traffic is accounted in all interfaces it goes thru.

Thanks! So I disabled polling on everything exept the wan port on the firewall to see if that works!.

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