Windows Disk I/0 over SNMP

Hi there,

First of I love LibreNMS and think it fab and it puts many commercial monitoring systems to shame.

Can request that you add the ability to add Windows Disk I/O to LibreNMS? I can see that linux machines have this monitoring natively but Windows machines do not (even when you enhance the windows OS SNMP with an agent like with

Search all can for this but appears to be unavailable?

Many thanks

Lawrence Buxton,


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On the GitHub issue LaurieBuxton mentioned that diskIo is available from Windows.
From what I have found so far it needs special adding of modules to the windows SNMP service to provide this. I would be greatfull if anyone has more information about how this could be done.

Someone has more information in Monitor Windows Disk I/O with SNMP Tools

I’m now looking at Zabbix for windows monitoring, as that’s not one of LibreNMS’ core strengths & focuses. I’m keeping LibreNMS for network device monitoring & oxidised config backup. Zabbix has a relatively shallow learning curve to get value from Windows monitoring, but the gradient goes up if you want custom stats etc