WLC 9800 AP Count

I added WLC (C9800-CL-K9) to monitoring and I can’t see the number of APs, when I select AP-count in graphite the graphs don’t load.

When I go to the “Wireless” tab and click “APs” it doesn’t show my WLC, but Forti does.

Do you have any idea how to display the number of APs?
Or monitor it with alerts? Because I have a problem with that too. If you have any suggestions for monitoring the number of APs with alerts, then please send. I searched here on community and what I found on different threads doesn’t work for me.

As ads76 linked above, at present there is no support for viewing and monitoring Access Points connected to a 9800 but there is a recent post in there in the past week where AllanHahn got it working manually. Hopefully not far off having this added officially.

At present I just have ping only to each of my AP’s until there is support for AP monitoring via 9800CL

Thanks for your help!

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