WSer checks timing out

I am having an issue with timeouts for the WSer Nagios script when devices are polled. It isn’t every device for which a Windows Service check is configured, and it isn’t the same checks that fail each time. If I manually run a Windows Service check that was failing during polling, it will work every time.

./check_WSer -H ‘hostname’ -C ‘snmp community string’ -2 -n ‘service name’

But, during a poll cycle, the check will fail with message: ERROR: Alarm signal (Nagios time-out).
I modified the ‘my $o_timeout= 5;’ parameter in the check_WSer script to ‘my $o_timeout= 60;’ and that lessened the amount of timeout errors, but some still exist. I don’t believe the script will accept more than a 60s timeout.

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