1.44 Pre-announcement

Hi All,

We’re delayed with getting 1.44 out the door right now as we wanted to give people a heads up on what issue you may encounter.

:exclamation: Reverse Proxy Users
Users using reverse proxies may have issues. If you encounter issues, please read https://docs.librenms.org/Support/FAQ/#my-reverse-proxy-is-not-working

:exclamation: Permission issues
Sometimes permissions become muddled up but don’t affect daily use of LibreNMS. Some updates we’ve been introducing mean those permissions could now cause issues. It’s highly advised you run the following to fix. You can do this before the upgrade to 1.44 by running the following as the root user.

chown -R librenms:librenms /opt/librenms
setfacl -d -m g::rwx /opt/librenms/rrd /opt/librenms/logs /opt/librenms/bootstrap/cache/ /opt/librenms/storage/
chmod -R ug=rwX /opt/librenms/rrd /opt/librenms/logs /opt/librenms/bootstrap/cache/ /opt/librenms/storage/

:exclamation: Base URL / APP_URL
With the switch to Laravel, this also means that we’re now making use of the .env file. Your database credentials should be stored in this file but more can be configured. One change that could cause redirect issues is that you have APP_URL set: https://docs.librenms.org/#Support/Environment-Variables/#base-url
It’s recommended to comment this value out and allow LibreNMS to work the URL out. This does require your web server to be configured correctly (check our install docs and ensure your hostname is set correctly) and/or your reverse proxy settings to be configured correctly.

:exclamation: php-mysqlnd
We now make use of PHP’s MySQL native driver. Ubuntu 18.04 uses this by default but if you are on CentOS then you should ensure you are using it. To check you can run rpm -qa|grep -P "php.*-mysqlnd". You can then replace php-mysql with (pay attention to the version number returned by the last command):

yum swap php71w-mysql php71w-mysqlnd

Overall, it’s highly recommended to run ./validate.php from the cli and also from your browser by going to the Global Settings icon in the top right then Validate Config. Clear out any issues before the next tagged release and you should be good.

On to when 1.44 will be available. We will be releasing this next Tuesday the 9th of October 2018.