1 minute and 5 minute polling on the same server


I recently setup 1 minute polling which works well, but I now need to run 5 minute polling to a group of devices.

How can I achieve this on just the one server, to poll at 1 minute and 5 minute intervals for different devices.

I had a look at distributed poller (https://docs.librenms.org/#Extensions/Distributed-Poller/#distributed-poller) , but that looks like its meant for multiple servers?

Thanks in advance

I doubt you will be able to do this. Do they RRD is going to be able to read that.

Thanks Kevin

Is the only way to accomplish this currently to use distributed pollers on different servers?

I’m trying to do something similar to this thread Run difference poller groups:

That’s the only real way. You can hack around at it on a single server but you’ll probably end up in a world of pain.

Thanks Laf, we just bought a powerful server for LibreNMS which is really the reason to try get this working on just the 1 server. Otherwise I like the idea of scalable distributed pollers .

I’m guessing the hacky way is not as simple as adding an additional cronjob for the new polling group?

Probably need to change the standard php scripts? (Which we wouldn’t want to do)

You’d have to not user the poller-wrapper and use poller.php but it will result in horrible performance.

You could do a full install of LibreNMS in another dir to run as an additional poller.

Ok Great, Thanks for the suggestion Laf :slight_smile: I’ll give it a go and see how manageable it is

Just curious as to why you want multiple poll periods?

Basically to get better granularity for the graphs of the core routers which complete the polling in 20 seconds. This gives better network picture at peak times etc… when set to 1 minute polling

Whereas we have some routers with lots of cards/ports which complete polling in 3 minutes so really we need to leave these to 5 minutes.