1 minute polling graphs still showing 5 min steps

I’ve just changed to 1 minute polling last night following the relevant page. It’s straight forward enough in making the changes.

With regards to the rrdstep script, the documentation suggests it’s run as-is with no modification, and it picks up the changes made in the UI. Is that correct?

I’d have expected that the graphs show the increased resolution from the change, but I still only see 5 minute steps.

Other than following this verbatim, what else needs to be done to get the increased granular graphs?

Did you use this doc? https://docs.librenms.org/#Support/1-Minute-Polling/

That was the link I provided…albeit to the github reference. But same data…

Sorry didn’t see link…

No worries. But I should expect to see 1m steps in the graphs post change, correct?

Yes it should show on the graphs after the chnage over but not the prior graphs before the change.

Right. Ok. That being said, I assume the script provided gets executed verbatim? No configuration of the script to pick up the changes is required; it references the configuration from the UI change?

I have helped other users with this and I have never heard of them having to edit the script.

I figured as much. Would it be worth deleting the RRD files to essentially start that data from scratch?

its up to you if you feel safe doing that.

So I’ve done this in a test environment and the graphs are now showing 1m steps. Anything I can check to ensure that the steps listed for changing over to 1m is working correctly?

So do we have to erase our current RRD files to show the new 1minute polling ?