21.10.0 Release

LibreNMS version 21.10.0 was released on October 16, 2021!

We thank each and every of the 21 different contributors to LibreNMS this month. Make sure you thank them for their time and effort :slight_smile: If you would like help with LibreNMS in any way, let us know in Discord .

Notable changes this release:

  • Push Notifications, you can now send notifications to mobile devices and PCs (no iOS support). This is still new, so please report any issues you encounter. And would happy to see someone contribute iOS support.
  • LibreNMS now tries to guess the correct encoding for ifAlias and sysLocation if the device returns them as non-UTF-8 characters. (The SNMP spec requires these to be UTF-8, so they would get mangled by the SNMP library for buggy devices)
  • New eventlog entry for device creation so you can see who added the device.
  • A config seeder to ease automated installs of LibreNMS.
  • Logged in users count is now in the DB so you can alert on it.
  • Brand new SNMP framework (SnmpQuery), so we can modernize more parts of LibreNMS. Has better error handling and unified output parsing so code isn’t repeated over and over again. Also includes the ability to mock for tests. Please use this for any new code!
  • 11 devices with new or updated support
  • Many bug fixes, including several for the dispatcher service (still RC)

Full changelog

There are some great changes pending for next month.
You can checkout the Pull Requests on GitHub and give feedback on them to help them get merged.

As always, Happy Monitoring.