21.11.0 Release

LibreNMS version 21.11.0 was released on November 12, 2021!

We thank each and every of the 49 different contributors to LibreNMS this month. Make sure you thank them for their time and effort :slight_smile: If you would like help with LibreNMS in any way, let us know in Discord .

New Merch Store!

This month LibreNMS launched a new merchandise store! Proceeds are donated to LibreNMS.
Make sure to go to the EU shop for non-US/CAN/AUS currency and shipping. Products may very by region, but all ship globally.


Notable changes this release:

  • New Plugin System Thanks to @mpikzink and @murrant Allows for simple local plugins and Full Package based plugins. There have been no full packages implemented yet, just a little testing, so there may be a few things to work out. Please let us know if you are working on one!
  • LibreNMS now authenticates cookies. This means remember me timeframe is tied to SESSION_LIFETIME (this was increased from 2 hours to one month). Please adjust accordingly.
  • The ability to rediscover devices after reboot automatically
  • Continued iteration of the SnmpQuery framework
  • 39 devices with new or updated support
  • More bug fixes than usual this release too

Security fixes in this release:
An xss injection in widget titles reported by Mikael Kall. Thanks!

Full changelog

There are some great changes pending for next month.
You can checkout the Pull Requests on GitHub and give feedback on them to help them get merged.

As always, Happy Monitoring.

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