23.10.0 Release Announcement

LibreNMS version 23.10.0 was released on October 26, 2023.

We thank each and every of the 30 different contributors to LibreNMS this month. Make sure you thank them for their time and effort :slight_smile: If you would like help with LibreNMS in any way, let us know in Discord .

Notable changes this release:

  • poller.php is now deprecated, use lnms device:poll instead. With the new code we are making errors more visible so we can get them fixed, previously, they silently failed. If you have any errors during polling, please report an issue with the error from your librenms.log to Issues ยท librenms/librenms ยท GitHub
  • Mutable acknowledged alert notifications (#15456) - SourceDoctor
  • Several security fixes
  • 23 devices with new or updated support
  • Many other features and bug fixes

Full Changelog

There are some great changes pending for next month.
You can checkout the Pull Requests on GitHub and give feedback on them to help them get merged.

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As always, Happy Monitoring.