404 Error with New VM Install


Adding manually adding devices into the system yesterday I do see a lot of valuable information. One issue I am seeing though is under each device I am getting a 404 error for a lot of the different tabs under that device.

For Instance under any device , I see Device Settings.

None of the other options work. ( SNMP | Port Settings | Applications| Alert Rules| etc…)

Is there something I need to configure for these to work?

The device is a core switch at our Hub site.

Please advise,

I cannot view

Please post contents of address bar, while you are in 404 error page.
also the settings from below

in WebUI
Settings > Global Settings > System > Server

server_name, root settings from /etc/nginx/conf.d/librenms.conf

I have not configured anything on the VM and have not done anything in the config file yet. I am merely getting this set up to compare LibreNMS vs OpenNMS.


WebUI - all default

It seems I get to one level but cannot get into ports and things on the switch. Or look at the ARP table for example.


You see the “http:” twice in the url ?. thats not pointing correctly . edit url like below and access directly


let us know the out come. then we will proceed to next step. also change local host in nginx config to VM IP address instead of localhost

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Thanks for the catch on the URL. Is there a way I can permenantly change that? This is the VM from GitHub. Is there configuration I can update?

As for the nginx config do I just add under the “Server” section above the Port line something like;

http: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx For the IP?

like below

listen 80;
server_name just the ip address;
root /opt/librenms/html;
index index.php;

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