404 | Not Found

I recently setup the latest LibreNMS appliance, and added a bunch of devices. Everything works find until I drill down on a device and try to make a change. I keep getting 404 | Not Found errors. I have tried it with 3 different browsers, but I always get tghe error. I have recorded a short video show how I trigger the error. Also, the error happens on all of the “sub sections” not just SNMP.

Unfortunately, I can not attach a video file. Here are a couple of static pics instead.

Clicking any of the sub-menus to the right of “Device Settings” causes this error.


Likely, you have base_url and APP_URL set incorrectly. If you are using a sub-directory, those are especially bad.

Thanks for the quick reply @murrant ! Can you tell me which config files and where within those files I should check?

saying that, this option normally gives you no page unless you have custom errors on.