A lot of 404 errors on a virtual install from template

Hi, so yesterday I downloaded the .ova version of LibreNMS from github (link not allowed).

and got it working on my ESXi server.

So far I mostly like it. I updated the network config via editing the netplan : -
sudo vi /etc/netplan/99_config.yaml
sudo netplan apply

to get a fixed IP of, then I manually ran the update as I had a warning about it being more than a day old.

I’ve added my UniFi switches, access point and UDM-Pro, and getting SNMP results and graphs. The ESXi and a Windows server. So it appears to be working fine, and for the most part I prefer it to Nagios, Zabbix, PRGT etc.

However, the issue seems to be that for several links in the Web GUI it is creating bad links and I’m getting a lot of 404 page errors. For example: -

(there are many more but as a new user I’m not allowed to put more than 2 links in a post!)

I thought some of these might be resolved by any housekeeping tasks running overnight, but nothing seems to of improved so far.

Obviously, if I manually go to the address bar and edit the URL and remove the repeated http:/ I actually do get the valid page i.e.

will display the graphs for device uptime.

Is there some config I’ve missed somewhere?

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Hi Neil,

I ran into the same issue - the fix for me was using the Web GUI to navigate to;
Settings Wheel > Global Settings > System > Server and modify the Specific URL to /

Should hopefully be the same fix for you also!

  • Stephen

Many thanks Stephen, 99% working now, only a few graphs now showing as “Draw Error” for some reason and the odd ‘glitch’ - i.e. the Unifi UDM-Pro shows as a Linux box (which to be fair it has a Linux based OS), and the switches showing as EdgeSwitch not UniFi, but that I suspect is down to Ubiquiti’s firmware.

Now if could only get some netwok to zigbee device like SmartThings/Hue Hub/Homee which has SNMP…

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