Ability to assign custom names to sensors

It would be great to have the ability to rename sensors.

Especially when it comes to alerting.


I have an Embedded Data Systems OW-SERVER-ENET-2. It can have up to 22 1-wire sensors connected to it. In my case I use DS18B20 temperature sensors. Having 22 sensors all named “#1: DS18B20, #2: DS18B20, etc” and receiving alerts is not very helpful as you need to determine where the sensor is located but having a custom name for each one would make things much easier.

I am wondering what it would take to either change the existing sensor (health) name or add a field for description like on port settings. Struggling with a similar issue as OP.

Is there a way to name each sensor in the Embedded Data System? If so, you may be able to pull it from snmp and add it to the description of the yaml or php.