About the recovered message

I have a thermometer, it’s can be use SNMP, I try to setting alert ,something wrong with alet,
I setting a alet value is 55, but recovered value is 60 ?

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-12-15 101644

We’d need to see the alert rule you’ve created.

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That rule is for health sensors, your original screenshot shows you are trying to use the customoids table.

The rule should be checking customoids.customoid_current etc.

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Sorry my fault, I testing for this fuction I creare 2 alert rule to testing.

Ok well that rule is saying if the current value is greater than or equal to the limit then alert which is what is happening.

60.9 >= 55 = true.

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I expect the result to trigger a warning when it’s greater than 55. In this context, the recovery value should be less than 55. However, I received a recovery value message of 60.9.

Are there any incorrect aspects in my configuration values?

You can’t get a recovery alert if the rule matches and it can’t match when the current value of 60.9 is over 55.

You’d need to show some evidence of this happening for us to understand what’s going on.

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Thanks laf

This is my alert and recovered message

When the alarm is received, the current value is 55.9.

Alert for device OOO - Sensor over limit - Check Device Health Settings

Timestamp: 2023-12-21 15:40:16
Uptime: 2mos 3h 26m

Rule: Sensor over limit - Check Device Health Settings
#1: Humidity

Current: 55.9%
Previous: 49.8%
Limit: 55%
Over Limit: 0.9%

My threshold value is 55. Should the recovery message be sent only when it goes below 55?
Or have I misunderstood the definition of the recovery value?

Device OOO recovered from Sensor over limit - Check Device Health Settings

Timestamp: 2023-12-21 15:50:13
Uptime: 2mos 3h 36m
Time elapsed: 9m 57s

Rule: Sensor over limit - Check Device Health Settings
#1: Humidity

Current: 55.4%
Previous: 55.9%
Limit: 55%
Over Limit: 0.4%

That’s not an alert for the rule you are talking about for the customoids. Whilst the rule name is chopped off your screenshot I can see it’s Chinese characters which is not the rule name in the example for an alert/recovery


Thanks laf

"Because I am conducting a test, I attempted to use ‘customoid’ and ‘Sensor over limit’ to collect alarm data for me. In practice, they actually provided me with the same values.

I tried setting the limit value to 55, and today I received the alarm again.

He sent me a warning at 55.6, but sent a recovery message at 56.3.

#1: last_polled => '2023-12-27 08:00:16'
   last_polled_timetaken => '1.9206800460815'
   last_discovered_timetaken => '2.731'
   last_discovered => '2023-12-27 06:36:58'
   last_ping => '2023-12-27 08:00:15'
   last_ping_timetaken => '8.45'
   override_sysLocation => '1'
   customoid_id => '63'
   customoid_descr => '濕度'
   customoid_current => '56.3'
   customoid_prev => '55.6'
   customoid_oid => '.'
   customoid_divisor => '1'
   customoid_multiplier => '1'
   customoid_limit => '55'
   customoid_alert => '1'
   customoid_passed => '1'
   lastupdate => '2023-12-27 08:00:16'

"I am monitoring a temperature and humidity sensor, so this value fluctuates almost every 5 minutes.

But I don’t understand why, even though I have set “$value[‘customoid_current’]”, it still returns ‘customoid_prev’ to me?"

Is this program’s configuration logic set this way, and I cannot modify it?


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