Accessing LibreNMS via Dataplicity Wormhole

I am sure this has not much to do with LibreNMS and much more to do with NGINX but I am very new to nginx and could use the help.

I have this installed on my Tinkerboard and it looks great. Since I have dataplicity setup on my Tinkerboard I was trying to figure out how to configure nginx in such a way as to allow me to access the web page from the wormhole it creates to But everything I have tried fails.

Basically, the url they provide is provide could be random. But even when its constant for a while and I set the url for the wormhole to be the server_name in the nginx config and define the listen line to be I am able to login and see menu items but PHP is not coming through. Also, I cannot click on any of the menu items.

Does anyone know if there is any way to fix this???
Thank you.