Acknowlege alarms: save user / show user who acknowleded

Acknowledging an alarm means also to take ownership of the process thereafter. Hence, it would be good to capture this also on LibreNMS level. After pressing the button and making it green the username could appear in a column behind. Then this info can be used for processing it via the notification channels, the external script function or the API.


+1 I second this request as it would be helpful for teams.


really will help

My workaround for this is to create a new event log entry when an alert is acknowledged.

Just update /html/includes/forms/ with the code here if you’re interested:

Lines 35 and 36 are all that are changed.

You can then see the events in the Eventlog (the global one, not on the device page).

There’s a bit more work involved to make this work a bit nicer, but at least the information is being logged.

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Why not submit a PR in GitHub to get the ball rolling. :smile:

Yep, I plan to eventually. I just want to work out getting the username displayed on the eventlog on the device page first :slight_smile:

Edit: On second thoughts, perhaps adding the username to the message is a better solution. Adding another column to the table is going to be less readable and non-essential for most entries.

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Is this feature implemented officially now? I don’t seem to find any notion of which user acknowledged an alert.