Actual OID for Fortinet APs

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I’m working on a wifi discovery component for Fortinet devices. When I try to get the list of access points with the following code, I get the serial number as part of the array index instead of the oid.

$wtp_id = snmpwalk_cache_oid($device, 'fgWcWtpSessionWtpId', array(), 'FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB');

[1.FWF60D-WIFI0] => Array
        [fgWcWtpSessionWtpId] => FWF60D-WIFI0

A simple walk using an outside program returns what I would expect. Is there a way to change how the array gets indexed?

I should note this function appears to work fine when getting the list of clients connected and their statistics.



It looks like the “b” option needed to be added to the output options.