Add additional OID to multiple devices

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I have an additional OID that I need to add to a number of existing devices. I can add it one at a time, it passes the test, and I see the data under Graphs -> Custom OID. I’m trying to figure out the best way to add this to about 170 devices. Is it possible to do this through the command line or maybe add it to the device OS yaml file and then rediscover those devices?

You should submit a pull request with your changes if it makes sense for everyone

Hi. I appreciate your quick response but I’m not sure what you mean. I haven’t made any changes that would warrant a pull request. To rephrase, I’m looking for the best way to add an additional OID to about 170 devices already in my LibreNMS install.

There is no built in way, make a little script that modifies the database directly maybe?

Okay. Thanks for confirming. I’ll look into it.

Hi @Wesley
I would do the maximum to add it via YAML. That way, it will automatically be added to all devices matching this OS. 1, 2 or 170 would not make a difference.
CustomOIDs is only here to help for a quick test on a couple of devices, but as you noticed, it does not scale well (and is not meant to).