Add device form is cleared on error

After being sent from GitHub Issues which feels like the normal place to report this “bug”
I’ve also searched for this issue without any hit, but most likely that is due to not using correct search terms

I’m testing out LibreNMS for the first time right now, so might raise some “first impressions” and noob related bugs, but might have easy fixes in the UI for other newcomers.

When adding a new device and that for some reason fails (when “No reply on community” is show), the form presented is empty (hostname and community is cleared), this should probably be left populated with the already entered settings?


That’s known but most likely won’t be fixed until we move across to using Laravel.

Anyone can submit fixes however so if this bothers you enough then please open a pull request.

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Is that documented in any other place that I missed?

Nope it’s not.