Add device that respong just to snmp


Is there a way to make librenms poll and discover devices if the icmp is blocked ? make it bypass the check ?
SNMP work fines but for some reasons ICMP is blocked from my librenms server.
I can add the devices with a force but the discovery is marked as down because of ICMP.


Yes it is possible. Refer to this KB on how to disable the ICMP check.

Copied below for convenience:

You can disable the fping / icmp check that is done for a device to be determined to be up on a global or per device basis. We don’t advise disabling the fping / icmp check unless you know the impact, at worst if you have a large number of devices down then it’s possible that the poller would no longer complete in 5 minutes due to waiting for snmp to timeout.

Globally disable fping / icmp check:
lnms config:set icmp_check false

If you would like to do this on a per device basis then you can do so under Device → Edit → Misc → Disable ICMP Test? On


Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for but miss it apparently.

The disable per device is the option I needed.


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