Add device with port 162

My os is ubuntu 18.4,i can’t add device with port 162. My Librenms can only add device with port 161

162 its usually for snmp traps daemon.

Are you sure your snmp server is listen to 162?

Just for your info, you can add devices with whatever port you want, always if the snmp of that device is listen to that port.

i’m beginner, what should i download packages for ubuntu 18.4? i don’t know this infomation at all.
i have already setup my device, port community and server ip. my server is disabled ufw, it’s mean server is listen to 162?


netstat -tulpn

and see if Port 162 is listed as listening.

udp        0      0   *                           990/snmpd
udp        0      0   *                           877/snmptrapd

now i can add device with port 162,Thank you.
i see SNMP trap received in logs, how can i see infomation alerts and trap.