Add Devices by Subnet Range

How can I add devices by scanning a range of subnet instead of adding individually?

@ataro For example like this

Add to config.php

# Auto-discovery Setup
# All discovery methods run when discovery runs (every 6 hours by default and within 5 minutes for new devices).
$config['nets'][] = '';     
$config['discovery_by_ip'] = true;
$config['mydomain'] = ';
$config['autodiscovery']['xdp'] = false;  // This includes FDP, CDP and LLDP support based on the device type.
$config['autodiscovery']['bgp'] = false;
$config['autodiscovery']['ospf'] = false;

add set up your SNMP settings via WEB interface like click to Global settings>Poller>SNMP and provide your setting if you want to pool for example v2c version and your community etc.

and run ./opt/librenms/ -d -d is for debug if you want to see what was added etc.