Add devices from distributed poller

Hi all,

I have built a distributed poller from remote site. The poller is connecting to our Office via fortigate SSL vpn. On the office Central LibreNMS, I can see the office central LibreNMS server is showing the new remote poller.

But how can I add devices on the office central Librenms server from remote site? The central LibreNMS server is not able to ping/snmp to the switches in remote site.

I tried the option - “Force Add”, but after adding the remote devices, it keep showing unpoll…

thank you.


Jeff Deng

distributed polling is not remote polling.

Thanks for your reply. Do you have a recommendation for my case?

We have different clients. We would like to monitor their network devices. We have a central LibreNMS server in our office.

My plan was deploying a poller at client side and then transfer MYSQL Database: port 3306, Memcached: 11211, rrdcached: 42217 to our Central server via SSL vpn.

I thought LibreNMS distributed poller can help this.


Jeff Deng

it is much better to transfer just snmp over the vpn.