Add devices with structure "address:port"

Good afternoon community,

I am new to LibreNMS and have heard very good comments about your service.

I have decided to try it and I am in a problem, so I turn to your help.

I have searched your threads and have not found a concrete answer to this situation.

I have a router, that connects to a fixed IP and his Domain, it is registered in LibreNMS without problems.

Within my network I have 2 switch and 1 NVR of IP cameras.

I have specific rules on my router to direct traffic to them (port forwarding).

That means, I have the same FQDN but I add the specific port to each device within my organization.

Question: What are the steps to link monitoring to these devices?

Thanks a lot.

Note: I speak Spanish, excuse my English, most of it is google translation.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you want ping monitoring or snmp monitoring or both?
Your description sounds like NAT from the outer side. Why not real routing?

Have you tried to set up this ip:port sets as hostnames?

Thank you very much for your response and your time.

For continuing with the topic what I want to say:

  • With regard to monitoring, I would like to do both Ping and SNMP options.

  • My server is located in the Amazon cloud, so it describes the access from outside to my network.

  • I have not tried to configure the names of hots, should I do that? from the linux host file?

thanks again and we keep talking

i personaly see many many potentiell problems coming up with it.
Also you’d like to to ping (ICMP) and SNMP (Port 161)

Why don’t you use an VPN Tunnel?
So you avoid all problems you are now in front of and will running in in future.

At the moment I am evaluating all the possibilities to determine which is the best option to take.

As I understand your explanation, the Librenms system is designed to poll from behind the router and not from the outside.

My idea of ​​creating it in the cloud is not viable?

Thanks again for your guidance.

there might be a way for sure.
But you will have anytime problems with your design.
Also ICMP over specific port, not sure if this is even possible.
If you create a VPN Tunnel between your Cloud Instance and your “local” Network you don’t need to do Port Forwarding, because your Gateway will be the endpoint and you can work with classical routing, so everything works like a charme.

I know many Monitoringsystems and no one of them is designed to fullfill your usecase without some hacky actions :wink:

Running LibreNMS in a Cloud works, but i would connect all points via VPN, also for security reasons.

Thank you very much for your guidance.

I will configure a local server and create VPNs between my sites.