Add 'FS Campus Switch PoE (S5810-48TS-P)'

Our company are rolling out FS S5810-48TS-P switches however LibreNMS isn’t displaying much data.

This is my first time requesting so please let me know if i need to provide more. Unable to find MIB files that i could find.

Discovery - FS Campus Switch PoE (S5810-48TS-P) - LibreNMS
SNMP - FS Campus Switch PoE (S5810-48TS-P) SNMP - LibreNMS
Poller - FS Campus Switch PoE (S5810-48TS-P) Poller - LibreNMS

Found the MIB files for this model here -

I have the MIB files for the N5860 and N8560 and word also like that these devices gets added.