Add FS S3400 SNMP OID support

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Dear all,

I’m using some FiberStore S3400-48T4SP and also some FiberStore S3900-24T4S.

The thing is, with those S3400 is there is no support for those following OID :

  • System OS
  • Hardware

Example here:


As I dig a little into snmp stuff, I spot two things :
. = STRING: “2.0.2J Build 78792”
. = STRING: “S3400-48T4SP mother card”
. = STRING: “S3400-48T4SP mother card”
. = STRING: “2.0.2J Build 78792”

They apparently are the same as previous version “2.0.2J build 68107”, but I should check for the very last one “2.0.2J build 80432”.

For information, there is no similar information with the standard like S3900 is using (RFC 1157). Of course, I’ll push to FiberStore for updating this snmp mess…

For now, I have no idea how to implement this into github (which file should I fork and PR for it), but I hope a little help here :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading !

Best regards,
Vincent / Emma0Z

Hey there,

I had a reply from and they said “don’t care” more or less…

So if anybody have a clue about this, I’m taking it!

Thank you all!

Vincent / Emma0Z