Add Minuteman SNMP-NV6 Network Management card

At the company I work for, we have a mix of APC an Minuteman UPS’s with network management cards. Looking to see if the Minuteman network management card SNMP-NV6 can be added as a device so I can have it monitored with LibreNMS. Thanks!

Hi @Adam_Bates

You can follow the procedure here and post the collected data to the Issues in github.
From that point, you’ll have to wait for a developper interested in the device to add the device, or you could develop it yourself and send a PR to github to get your code reviewed and merged into LibreNMS.
The documentation makes this 2nd option not too difficult, sometimes you don’t even have to write a single line of code to get most of the work done, only description of sensors, and OIDs…


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Have you tried it? I have an SNMP-NV6 card in an E1500RTXL2U monitored on LibreNMS. It appears to work already.

Yes, I was able to get it working. I had to use SNMPv1, not the default SNMPv2. Thanks for all your help.