Add Moxa EDS-4012 Series switches

Please provide ALL info asked for here.

Hi, any chance to add MIB for Moxa EDS-4012 Series switches?

Software Package for EDS-4000 and EDS-G4000 Series (MIB):

I think you and I are the only LibreNMS Moxa users on the planet :slight_smile:

I’ve added a few over the past while and made some general improvements, but I’m definitely not an expert at it: Pull requests · librenms/librenms · GitHub

I don’t know how to do it reliably without having the device physically available on the network, if you could get it on the Internet and responding to SNMP, I could probably get it added. Each Moxa model (not just family, every model in that family too) has a different MIB, but it’s fairly straight forward to update the relevant files to add new models.

Alternatively if you can generate the test data for it, I know how to use that to test against - but you’d need a development environment of sorts to do that I think, and we’d have to back and forward a bit to update the test data once we have the device detecting fully - would be a little bumpy, but possible if you’re motivated to get them added - what’s your capability to do some mild development work and learn the process with me?




Can someone give me SNMP access to this device? I don’t know why, but I am unable to (properly) read SNMPwalk files posted here (not just this device). I’m getting all kinds of errors in my snmpsimd.

With snmp read only access I can work on this.

I am also a LibreNMS and Moxa user.

We’re upgrading our older switches all to the 4008, 4012, 4014 series switches.
I’d really like to get these working better in LibreNMS. The info pulled off of them now leaves a lot to be desired.