Add new tool

Do we have other tools like whois on WebUI? I would like to add the Ping tool.

Hi @Xin_Guo
All devices are already pinged, and you can already create a “ping only” device in case you want to ping a device that is not already in LibreNMS.
So how and why would you need to “ping” ?

ping and traceroute would be nice as webtools since working with field techs, I don’t want to have to wait 5 minutes for the device to show if it’s up or down.

not sure if it’s exactly what your looking for but,

You don’t have to wait 5 minutes if enabling fast ping check

You can run a traceroute when a device goes down and use it in your alert template.
See screenshot here ->

Yeah, we actually have ICMP setup for 2 minute polling, but we’re using LibreNMS to build out a wireless WAN network and it would be faster for our Network Engineers to just quickly ping devices right from LibreNMS when in a device rather then doing it in a separate window.

We had this ability in What’s Up and it’s one of those features don’t realize you need until you don’t have it anymore…that along with quickly doing traceroute right from a device window.

Rather then just tied into ping I think being able to add generic command line options that could be executed from a device would be helpful. We have a lot of Mikortik devices and while web interface is okay, most engineers prefer the speed of Mikortik’s own Winbox app.

So being able to launch winbox (or some other custom application) right from Librenms would be a nice feature.