Add Slot Number to Community String


we have some new devices from Ekinops and they use as community string for each slot in theire device, which makes it impossible for me to poll all OID from one Device in LibreNMS
Currently my way to go is adding a separate device for every slot but this will caus redudant data since the data from the management cards are readable with every Slot specific community and will be polled by Libre.
Now I have 6 Libre Devices for one Physical device, each Libre Device polls the Port State of all cards and additional information for its specific Slot (RX Power, TX Power, Error Counters etc)

Is it possible to merge this all in one Libre Device with a separate Community for several OIDs? I tried to search didn’t find anything (also not sure how to search for this exactly)

Do you have an snmpbulkwalk output to show us what you mean?

There is nothing in the output to see, its the command itself.

For example if the device has Community “public”, you can Request some Management Subtrees with portstates etc If you need some more detailed data, for example Optical RX, TX, Dispersion from the Card in Slot 4 you need to use “public4” as Community.

after all, it could be done in PHP
custom discovery, modified DB schema, modified SnmpQuery and modified polling mechanism …
but your device is first with these requirement, so someone need to adapt LNMS in acceptable way
Question is, is there enough devices with “split” community for critical mass to someone get dirty in PHP

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