Add Socomec UPS with netvision SNMP Card

Discovery: Untitled - LibreNMS

poll: Untitled - LibreNMS

SNMPWALK: Untitled - LibreNMS

I have the mibs file “NetVision-8.11.mib” as well. Where do I upload them to?

Please provide ALL info asked for here.


snmpwalk you provided is incomplete and in wrong format
please try this way

snmpwalk -Oneb -Cc -v1 -c COMMUNITY 192.168.x.y

upload snmpwalk same way as prev one
uplaod MIB file same way as snmpwalk

Hi Peca,

Thanks for the into.
Please see latest snmpwalk file.

SNMP Walk (using v2): Untitled - LibreNMS
NetVision-8.11.mib: NetVision-8.11.mib - LibreNMS


oh, yes
now it is usable and complete :slight_smile:
i am currently out of free time, maybe for next weekend i could prepare patch

interesting thing is that this card will respond on two oids (ingrasys) (socomec)

since i sent recently a PR for ingrasys (as webpower-smart2) …
if you have a time, you could do a quick test
in file


change this block

            - '/WebPower Smart II Card/'


            - .

please use proper yaml formatting
maybe it wil work this way

quick & dirty test :slight_smile:

Hi Peco,

Done~ but there’s no logo. Do you think you able to use this logo for Socomec Hardware?


not bad at all
input current 6.5 kA :slight_smile: nice …

so it should be separate OS anyway

and about logo…
logo for websmart2 was left out intentionally
there is XX manufacturers with different name/logos for same card

Hi Peca,

Thank you for the explanation and your assistance.

Since everything is working now, should I just revert the YAML configuration and wait for the PR?

hi @sdckian
i started to work on this device
hope next weekend you could try some patch

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hi @sdckian

if you have time, please test this PR

first run
to clean prev test

./scripts/github-apply 16018
to apply patch

don’t forget first:
su - librenms

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