Add support för mutli-lane optics for Nokia/timos

QSFP optics are not discovered for these devices. Definition is present in Timetra-port-mib and its called tmnxDDMLaneEntry

here is an example

snmpbulkwalk -v2c -c public -OQUs -m TIMETRA-PORT-MIB -M /home/librenms/mibs:/home/librenms/mibs/nokia:/home/librenms/mibs/timos tmnxDDMLaneEntry

Output snippet:

tmnxDDMLaneTxOutputPower.1.1610899520.1 = 8912
tmnxDDMLaneTxOutputPower.1.1610899520.2 = 7580
tmnxDDMLaneTxOutputPower.1.1610899520.3 = 8076
tmnxDDMLaneTxOutputPower.1.1610899520.4 = 8709

Here is the complete OID for Lane 1 TX power where 1610899520 is ifIndex


I’v managed to add it as custom OID but it would be nice to have it as part of OS

I just saw that there is a pull request for this and i wonder what needs to be done to make it go through

While I’m not the author, I can say this is being worked on. We have some code change requests and then to add unit test to the PR. Hopefully this will get merged soon.

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This PR has been closed due to missing testdata. i’m a newbie when it comes to this but can i collect test data by testing this PR?
Will ./scripts/github-apply <pr_id> still work even if PR is closed?

Can someone give me an answer please?

If this is not yours PR you need to:
1.fork original author repo and branch
2.commit your test data into it
3.submit your fork as new PR