Add the ability to hide some top menu/sub menu

It’ll we be great if we can hide some top menu like Health, Ports, …
It’ll we be also great if we can hide some part of top menu like “search part” , “Mib Definition”, …


Out of interest why would you want to do this so we understand the needs?


In I fact want to really customize all the top Menus.
For example, we can disable the service menu :
$config[‘show_services’] = 0
It would be nice if we can have a config option for all the top menu and for all the type of users.
I want that my non admin users can have only the dashboard and the devices menu.

To be more clear, I want to use librenms in replacement of cacti
So my need is a dashboard (librenms already have it) and a devices tree


Hi Everyone,

Was this request ever taken forward or a solution/workaround found? I’ve had a look about the forum and this is the closest topic I can find to what we are also trying to achieve. Apologies if I’ve missed a more suitable thread.

Like Vincent, we are also looking at replacing our existing Cacti setup with LibreNMS. Ideally we’d only like customers to have access to the port and billing graphs, we’ve granted them access to, and a dashboard of our choosing.

Any thoughts or feedback on this would be appreciated.


It’s not implemented.

I have the same needs.

With 4.3 display (believe, its yet exist), the top menu use 2 lines.